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Sri Lanka

Matara buddhist girls home


The Matara Buddhist Girls Home is an orphanage originally established in 1963 that provides a nurturing home for girls in crisis and orphans from the Matara area.  The Home has a capacity for 50 girls ages 5 to 18.  The girls attend the local school and Matara seeks to provide them with the care, extra tuition and where possible, vocational skills, so that they can lead an independent life once they leave the orphanage.



LOVEQTRA Girls School and Home

LOVEQTRA is an NGO operating in the Qinghai province of China.  It runs the Sengchemdrukmo Girls Vocational Training School (SGVTS) for Tibetan girls on the Tibetan Plateau.  SGVTS provides residential care and schooling in the local curriculum and English to 120 girls who have escaped orphanage  or domestic bondage.  New Day has supported SGVTS since 2008.

Hong Kong


 Pathfinders is a Hong Kong NGO that helps pregnant migrant women and mothers in crisis situations to make informed life decisions and find a dignified path toward a legal and safe future. They help migrant mothers by guiding them through their return home, changes in their visa status so they can legally remain in Hong Kong or choosing adoption for their child. Pathfinders also provides their beneficiaries with access to critical services and support networks as well as educational and skills training programs so that they can make long-term, sustainable plans for themselves and their children.

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