New Day Hong Kong Fund

New Day Hong Kong Fund

New Day Asia funds projects that provide women and girls with basic needs or assist them to improve their lives through education and economic empowerment.

We have allocated an annual HK$100,000 fund for a number of one-off grants, for Hong Kong based charities, with projects that fit New Day’s mission. Find out more here.

Round One: May 2017

Application: To propose a Hong Kong based project to New Day for funding in Round One, please complete the form NewDayHongKong_ApplicationforFunding2017.doc and e-mail it to, by 31 May 2017.

Applications should not exceed two pages, excluding attachments. They should be submitted using Arial, Size 10, and single spaced.

Assessment: Round One applications will be assessed by the New Day Hong Kong working committee in June 2017. All applicants will be notified shortly afterwards. Applicants may be required to provide additional information or discuss their application directly with the Working Committee.

Contact person(s) – Attn Hong Kong Fund Committee (Susan Clear, Roxanne Ismail, Stephanie Schmidt & Elizabeth Thompson), c/o

June 2017 Successful applicants

The HK Fund Committee members were delighted to receive applications from a number of organisations doing great work for worthy causes in Hong Kong. Many New Day members have been interested in learning more about HK grassroots work, and the HK Fund application exercise has been interesting and eye-opening from that point of view. We have had to make the difficult decision of how to apply our funding. In the end, the committee was firmly united in choosing 2 charities to be this year’s grantees. (Information about the other applicants who were unsuccessful in this year’s exercise can be provided on request).

  • Teen’s Key. It’s mission is to protect young women and girls of approx 13-25 years old in the sex industry. This is clearly precisely within our mission statement. The project to be funded will provide outreach support, including health tests and medical referrals, counselling and continuing education and vocational training. More information about Teen’s Key is available at

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  • Splash conducts swimming and safety courses for under-served communities who may not have access to swimming lessons ( particularly foreign domestic workers). The work of Splash has also led to the development of a mutually supportive community. The project to be funded is the development of online tools in relevant languages so that pool practice time is used optimally. More information about Splash is available at


Questions: Further enquiries can be emailed to