New Day visit to the Laos Women's Shelter

chris and Liza with the Shelter staff.

Chris and Liza with the Shelter staff.

In September 2007 New Day founders Chris and Liza Green visited the Laos Women’s Shelter outside Vientiane.  This was the first New Day project and the visit was made before the grant money was paid out.  It was a very important milestone in the history of New Day and the beginning of what has grown into an involved membership funding multiple projects.  Have a look at a quick photo tour and site visit report of this trip here: laos-women_s-shelter-visit-post

FUNDED! The Counseling and Protection Center for Women and Children

Project : The Counseling and Protection Center for Women and Children

Location : Vientiane, Laos

Project Leader : Liza Green


Funding status : HK$80,000 in September 2007

In 2004, The Asia Foundation and the Lao Women’s Union conducted the first-ever research survey on violence against women in Laos. The findings – an alarming occurrence of violence against women and virtually no resources for victims – immediately triggered the first anti-trafficking and domestic violence legislation in the history of the nation, the Development and Protection of Women Act. The next crucial step was to create a secure refuge for women and children to stay when it was no longer safe at home. In January 2006, with Asia Foundation support, the Lao Women’s Union opened the country’s first women’s shelter for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. In recent months construction was completed on a vocational training facility that will provide women with viable job skills that will empower them to find work, support themselves, and establish their freedom from violence.

For additional information on the shelter and background to the issue, please visit the following web sites:

Capital Goods Required by the Shelter

The shelter consists of two residential buildings, a vocational training center, and an administrative building. The administrative building houses offices for shelter staff, private counseling rooms, and a large multi-purpose room for holding activities and meetings. While most of the shelter is now furnished, the multi-purpose room remains empty. Once furnished, the space will be used for receiving groups of visitors from outside organizations and agencies; training for shelter staff; case management meetings that involve large groups (i.e., police, public prosecutors, victims’ relatives, medical experts, etc.); and as the meeting space for the multi-disciplinary task force on domestic violence.