FUNDED! Violence Against Women One Stop Repair Shops

Project : Violence Against Women One Stop Repair Shops

Location : Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Project Leader : Liza Green


Funding status : HK$78,000 (September 2008)

Corporate Funding Partner : Linklaters

An estimated 12,000 women and girls are trafficked from Nepal each year. They are tricked, coerced, abducted, sold, and in many cases forced to live and work under slavery-like conditions as prostitutes, domestic workers, sweatshop laborers, or wives.

This project will support a group of young women who have recently established two “One-Stop Repair Shops” (2 electrical and 2 motorbike repair shops) where they can provide a range of repair and maintenance services to the public. The women working in these shops have successfully completed a vocational training program previously provided to them under the Gainful Employment Program, a partnership between The Asia Foundation, Underprivileged Children’s Educational Programs (UCEP), and the Nepal Rugmark Foundation.

These shops will help the women to earn sustainable incomes while also demonstrating that women are also capable of performing in traditionally male occupations. UCEP will help to open and advertise the repair shops – especially to women customers, procure and purchase the equipment, oversee the shops’ management, and work with the Asia Foundation to help monitor the operations for long-term sustainability.

Project Budget (USD):

  • Equipment for existing shops = $6,543
  • Equipment for one new shop = $3,099

New Day member Debra Tan will visit the shops and UCEP in Kathmandu in October and provide all at new Day with photographs and a progress report.