New uniforms for the girls at Kampong Cham

The girls at Kampong Cham Centre in their new uniforms.

During our New Day trip to Phnom Penh on November 25, we visited the Afesip offices to discuss ongoing developments at the Kampong Cham Centre.  The existing New Day/Norton Rose grant will stretch into 2012 to fund an on-site counselor at the Centre.  While we were there we were able to deliver 30 sets of school uniforms donated by the Glenealy ESF School PTA in Hong Kong.  A big thank you to New Day member Scarlett Mattoli for arranging this donation!

Kampong Cham Centre Counseling Services Program update – September 2011

Creating messages of hope for the tree planting ceremony

The Counseling and Psychological Services program for the girls at the AFESIP Kampong Cham Centre continues to make progress and provide invaluable psychological care and healing.  New Day funded Year 1 of this 3 year program in December 2010 and visited the centre in May 2011 along with our corporate co-funding partner, Norton Rose.  The program is run and staffed jointly by AFESIP and the Ragamuffin Project.  Recent outcomes are detailed below:

• Recruitment of an extremely qualified Cambodian head of psychology department;

• Weekly open studio groups and as needed individual counseling sessions provided from AFESIP psychologist and Ragamuffin therapists at Kampong Cham;

• 50 art therapy assessments conducted at Kampong Cham;

• 171 residents received psychosocial counseling sessions (over all the centers);

• Monthly psychology department planning and supervision meetings have begun;

• Modification of our partnership agreement with Ragamuffin;

• Development of a detailed work plan for the remainder of the year

• Good progress towards creating a comprehensive work plan for 2012;

• Coordination with several international experts on psychosocial care for trafficking and sexual exploitation survivors;

• Gathering resources and training on Cambodian-specific trauma assessment tools and treatment modalities;

• Participation in the 2nd annual Good Practices conference held in Phnom Penh;

• Preliminary negotiations with partners to provide yoga and meditation training for our staff and residents;

• Development and approval of a plan to reallocate funds from New Day Foundation for the meditation gardens to higher priority items at Kampong Cham shelter such as a playground and supplies/equipment for the counseling room.

You can read the full quarterly report from AFESIP here: August Report 2011

We wish all involved in this project the best of luck for the remainder of this year.

New Day/Norton Rose Site Visit to AFESIP May 2011

In May 2011 New Day members along with a representative from our corporate partner Norton Rose visited the Kampong Cham Centre for the third time.  This year’s visit on May 26/27 was very well timed, corresponding with the April/May launch of the Counseling Services project that we are funding for the year.  The project provides counseling and psychological services and equipment for all the residents at Kampong Cham.  It is jointly run and staffed by AFESIP and Art Therapy providers The Ragamuffin Project who are helping to design the programme and train the counsellors.  AFESIP is rolling out the programme at all 3 of its centres.

Ragamuffin generously hosted an evening for the New Day group at their therapy centre in Phnom Penh.  We met the psychologists and were given an progress update.  Candace Blasé, AFESIP trauma care specialist and clinical supervisor volunteer, began work on 20 April. Full-time psychologist Chum Chantha was hired and began work at Kampong Chan mid June,  and they are close to hiring a full-time clinical co-ordinator. Ragamuffin and AFESIP are reviewing assessment drawings and developing plans for individual care programmes.  Therapy with 5 individuals at the centre has begun. Further training for centre staff on trauma care is planned.

The following day the group travelled to the Kampong Cham centre where Children’s Day celebrations were in full swing.  Much progress is evident and the new building is now functional with computer room, weaving centre, offices, medical room, a library and counseling services room.   We engaged with the children in an art activity, before a tree planting ceremony.  We had brought a suitcase full of books for the library with us, gratefully donated by friends of New Day members.  It was a wonderful visit as always with the residents and staff at Kampong Cham and we were delighted with the progress and development at the Centre and with our New Day-funded project.

For more on the progress of the Counseling Services project see the following link:   2nd Quarter Report 2011

Caroline Basham – New Day

New Day funds AFESIP Kampong Cham Centre Counseling Services

Click here to read the February 2011 report from AFESIP on this project: February 2011 Report

In December 2010 New Day funded the establishment of a COUNSELING SERVICES PROGRAM to provide critical emotional care to the residents at Kampong Cham Rehabilitation Center. The program will develop the staff, capacity and management systems of the psychology and counseling services at KCRC. The Program will be rolled out at the other two AFESIP centres in Phnom Penh (Tom Dy Centre) and Siem Riep. The program at KCRC will be the 1st year pilot program of a three year project running in all three AFESIP centres. New Day will restrict its funding to the KCRC as we are already invested there and are committed to the incremental improvement of the care it provides to its residents.

In 2009, one of AFESIP’s donors, the Somaly Mam Foundation, commissioned the Ragamuffin Project to conduct an assessment of AFESIP’s psychological care programs and to produce a report of recommendations. The 3-year Counseling Services Program is based around those recommendations that AFESIP management formally accepted and agreed upon. Ragamuffin ( is an INGO offering psychological services, specialising in art therapy, and has been working in Cambodia for the past 9 years. Ragamuffin is currently also working in partnership with another New Day-funded project in India, the Kalki Welfare Association. The following outcomes have been identified for the 3 year program:

1. Increase in staffing within the counseling department

2. Implementation and monitoring of the department’s management systems and policies

3. Ongoing training programs – up to 8 per year

4. Development of a therapeutic model of care for the trauma recovery of victims that can be adopted by all centre staff

5. Increase the capacity of care-givers at each centre to play a key role in the support of those in their care

6. Develop approaches to support and counsel the staff working directly with victims

7. Develop a case management system for each individual resident based on client-centred care plans

8. Increase facilities and resources to support recovery from emotional and psychological damage

The funding for this program is US$25,480 for the 1st year with a US$15,000 co-fund from our coprorate partner Norton Rose law firm.  We are delighted to be working on a project at Kampong Cham again with Norton Rose.

New Day visits Kampong Cham Centre – May 2010

On the 15th of May 2010 New Day members Chris Green, Liza Green, Kylie Macintosh and Jeremy Gibb visited the Kampong Cham Centre outside of Phnom Penh.  The main purpose of the visit was to see the completed 3 storey building that New Day had helped to fund.  Jeremy Gibb was also there as a representative of Norton Rose law firm who were our corporate funding partners on this project. We were all delighted with the building and it was wonderful to see the girls again since our last visit in December 2008.  Please have a look at our report on this project here:

Visit to Kampong Cham May 2010

We look forward to working further with AFESIP to ensure that the building is properly staffed and equipped for the benefit of all 55 girls at the c

A full view of the building.

AFESIP Construction Project Started!

On the 12th of October 2009 a ground-breaking ceremony was held at the Kampong Cham Center to mark the start of construction of the new building.  Have a look at a few photos:




For more photos and further details on the construction project have a look at the update report prepared for our corporate funding partner, Norton Rose:

AFESIP Project Update for Norton Rose, 15-10-09

Update on the AFESIP Kampong Cham Construction project

New Day has pledged USD10,000 of our members funds towards this project along with a USD15,000 grant from Norton Rose law firm.  The other funding partner is the Dutch NGO No Child Abuse Foundation.  The original plan was to build a single storey three-roomed building that would house an office, a counseling room and a clinic.  AFESIP was also planning to build another two storey building that would house training rooms and a weaving center.

There has been a delay in the start of the construction for the following reasons:

1. The AFESIP committee has decided to make one complete building instead of two because the land is more and more
expensive and they need to keep more space available for additional accommodation for the girls at Kampong Cham
Center. The 40-50 girls at the center currently share a large dormitory space above the open living area in the main building.

AFESIP’s management team and President Somaly MAM are in agreement now to build a 3-floor building for Kampong Cham center as follows:

– Ground floor is divided into 3 rooms for counseling; health care and an office
– 1st floor  is used for computer training, internet, English classes and a
– 2nd floor is for weaving training (existing weaving building will be used for
sewing training)

The total cost of the 3-floor building 9.5x20m is USD135,699.95.
2. After a new grant from Somaly Mam Foundation USA and an increase in the grant from No Child Abuse Foundation AFESIP now has the following funds available:

– Somaly MAM Foundation USD50,000 (from Roland  Berger Foundation)
– New Day Foundation USD25,000
– No Child Abuse Foundation USD69,660

In conclusion the construction will start at the end of June and should take around 160 days.  Please note that we have not yet disbursed the New Day and Norton Rose funds to AFESIP due to the delays.  The fund transfer will take place at the end of this month (June 2009).  It seems that the rain is not a problem this year and that construction will continue throughout the summer months.

Although there has been a delay in the start of this project we are very pleased that AFESIP has managed to increase the scope of this project and the capacity of the building.  We continue to believe in the excellent work that they are doing in Cambodia and will continue to support them in the future.

New Day visits the AFESIP Kampong Cham Center outside Phnom Penh

The entrance to the Kampong Cham Center

The entrance to the Kampong Cham Center

In December 2009 Kim Cheung and Liza Green visited the Kampong Cham Rehabilitation Center for Girls.  The Center is located in a peaceful setting on the banks of the Mekong river 2 hours drive outside of Phnom Penh.  AFESIP’s Project Co-ordinator, Chhoeurth Sao, was our guide for the day.

We were very happy to meet with the girls and see them busily going about their day.  The Center has very little to offer them from a material point of view but they are cared for by dedicated staff and attend school at the local primary and secondary schools nearby.  They are also provided with English lessons and sewing and weaving training.

Kim in the weaving room with Chhoeurth, the AFESIP Project Co-ordinator.

Kim in the weaving room with Chhoeurth, the AFESIP Project Co-ordinator.

We saw the site where the building we are cofunding will be built later this year.  It was clear that there is a need for additional space for the clinic, office and counselling room.  Every available sheltered space in the two existing buildings is currently being used and there is no privacy for medical examinations or psychological counselling.

The open field where the new building will be constructed.

The open field where the new building will be constructed.

On our return to Hong Kong we presented this construction project to our corporate sponsor,Norton Rose law firm, and they have donated US$15,000 towards the construction costs.  Along with the US$10,000 that we have set aside for the project this means that New Day and Norton Rose will fund half of the new 3 room building that will house a clinic, office and counseling room.  AFESIP has confirmed that the remaining US$25,000 will be funded by the Dutch NGO Stop Kindermisbruik.  Construction will begin in May 2009.  Thank you to Norton Rose for their very generous support!  You can download our presentation to members here kampong-cham-member-presentation-dec-09

For more details you can  download our full report and funding proposal to Norton Rose here: new-day-afesip-report

AFESIP Kampong Chan Rehabilitation Center


 AFESIP Kampong Cham Rehabilitation Center

Location : Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Project Leader : Liza Green


Funding Target : Estimated US$,50,000 to be funded by December 2008/ January 2009

Status: New Day is currently working out the budget with AFESIP but is committed to partially funding this construction project in late 2008 – early 2009. We are hoping to partner with a corporate donor on this project.

Founded by Somaly Mam, Agir pour les Femmes en Situation Precaire (AFESIP) is a Cambodian NGO established in 1996. Since its inception, the organization has provided comprehensive services (rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration) to over 3,400 sex trafficking victims in the Greater Mekong Sub (GMS) region. For its proven results and leadership, AFESIP was recognized by the US State Department for best practices in the battle against human trafficking.

The Kampong Cham Rehabilitation Center outside Phnom Penh (one of 3 AFESIP rehabilitation centers) is a long-term rehabilitation centre for girls, who have been victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation and or at high risk of it, under the age of 16 years. It has been in operation since 1998. It has capacity to accommodate for 60 girls per years, approximately. It is located in a scenic rural setting and near the banks of the Mekong river. They currently have the following facilities:

1. Concrete building is divided into 3 rooms:

  • Silk weaving operation
  • Childcare facility
  • Library for girls and staffs’ office

2. Main building (wooden house) used for:

  • Upstairs is the dormitory (sleeping area)
  • Downstairs is the sewing and scarf weaving training area
  • A small wooden room is built in the connection to the main building and divided into 2 parts. One of them is a non-formal education and English classes and another is health care and counseling room. It is very hot, as it is zinc roofed room.

3. Concrete building locates behind a main one used for:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Storage

They are requesting funding for a new building comprising 3 rooms (19x8m in size) which will house:

  • 1 health care room/consultation room
  • 1 psychological counseling room
  • 1 office for staff