New Day grant to Pathfinders – September 2013

At the beginning of September, New Day made its first grant to Pathfinders, an NGO based here in Hong Kong.  Pathfinders mission is to ensure that every migrant child born in Hong Kong has a fair start in life by empowering and assisting the mothers to make informed life decisions and find a dignified path towards a safe and legal future.  The mothers are foreign domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines that have lost their jobs, often illegally, due to their pregnancy.  These women find themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation that often results in homelessness and poverty.  They are facing emotional, legal, and financial challenges – all of which Pathfinders works to help them address through their various programs.  New Day has granted Pathfinders HK$156,000 to fund their Mother’s Empowerment Program, a case management type program that addresses the most critical needs of the mother and child.  The program encompasses:

1) Crisis Management:  Removing them from danger such as a domestic violence situation or homelessness.
2) Documentation: resolving immigration and legal issues.
3) Needs assessment and follow through:  assisting with medical support, shelter, food and clothing, emotional support, etc.
4) Long Term Planning: develop and build capacity to move towards a safe, legal and sustainable future.

We are excited by this new partnership and look forward to welcoming Pathfinders at our upcoming Members Meeting!!

An overview of Pathfinders programs and beneficiaries can be found at

You can download the presentation Pathfinders prepared for New Day here: New Day Presentation Sept 2013