About Us

Our Story

New Day was founded in Hong Kong by Chris and Liza Green.  Happily settled in Asia, they were keen to give something back to the region that is now their home in a way that was meaningful and impactful.  They decided to focus their efforts on women and young girls who seem all to often to be the victims of the dark underside of poverty in the region.  New Day was conceived as a donor circle of like-minded Hong Kong residents who wanted to learn more about the issues affecting women and girls in Asia and donate funds to grassroots projects in a direct way.  New Day was incorporated as a private company and granted tax exempt status in Hong Kong in February 2007.  From its first meeting in March 2007 as a group of eight initial members, New Day has grown to a membership of over 80 Hong Kong residents and various international donors.  Our members have given their time and energy to build and promote New Day.  All work relating to New Day is done on a volunteer basis and almost 100% of the funds raised go directly to the projects we support.  We are committed to maintaining our participative model of giving as we continue to grow.  For a New Day summary you can download our Press Sheet .

Schoolgirls at the Matara Orphanage - Sri Lanka.

Our Focus 

Our projects provide women and girls with basic needs or assist them to improve their lives through education and economic empowerment.

Our aim is to have a long term impact on the communities in which our projects are implemented. New Day therefore evaluates projects based on the following guidelines:

  • Funding capital goods such as construction and/or equipment for shelters, clinics, vocational training centers or other sites whose aim is aligned with our charitable focus.
  • Funding capital investments in people and/or societal/governmental programs (such as training courses, educational and legal reform programs or other ventures) which are aimed at prevention, rehabilitation or reintegration activities for women and girls in crisis.
  • Funding variable costs associated with capital investments, where reasonable and required, for agreed and fixed time periods. This will be considered when the related capital investment was made previously or will be made concurrently by New Day or a project partner. (Renewal of such commitments will be decided based on a review of the project progress and availability of funds).

Education workshop at New Day partner APLE, Cambodia.