New Day Visit to Matara Girls Home, Sri Lanka – November, 2017

In 2015, New Day held a charity walk across Lantau to raise funding for the Matara Girl’s Home in Sri Lanka.  The event was a tremendous success, raising north of US$80,000.  One of the key reasons we selected the Matara Girl’s Home for the event was a recognition during one of our site visits that the Home was in desperate need of capital investment, revealed by the extensive water damage visible on the walls in the back part of the home.  This would be costly, but it was a necessary investment.  We resolved to replace the roof and make the home safer and ensure the long term viability of the home. 

During 2017 New Day has been working closely with the Matara staff on the planning and implementation of the works program.   For the past many months, work has been underway at the home to replace the roof and undertake material improvements to the kitchen, dining, nursing and laundry facilities.  The work did reveal extensive decay in the roof, ceiling and support structures to the point of representing a safety hazard to the girls living there. 

This October, Chris visited the home to see view the extensive work being undertaken.  It was a terrific visit.  The Girl’s Home is being transformed and radically improved.  We have had to deal with a number of obstacles and ensure our funding is stretched a long way to get the work completed.  Between the operational costs, funding of the after school education and the capital improvements, New Day will have provided funding of approximately US$50,000 in 2017.  We have also been using the funding from the hike to pay for the operational costs of the home in 2017 and will be doing so again in 2018.  Without the Lantau fund raising event, the capital works program would not have been possible.  Without New Day, the work being done at Matara would never have happened.

 What New Day has achieved in Matara in terms of providing operational, educational and now capital support is an incredible gift to the girls that live there.  The staff and volunteers that run the Girl’s Home are thankful to New Day to the point of tears.  New Day Members should feel proud of our achievements with this Project, which we will continue to support in 2018.