New Day Visits APLE, Phnom Penh – October 2016

On 18 October, Liza Green met with the APLE team in Phnom Penh to receive an update on the New Day 2016 grant to fund their Court Support Program.  The New Day contribution to this program is mainly the salary cover for 1 lawyer and a legal assistant along with covering proportions of other salary costs at the organisation.  The Court Support program provides Crisis Intervention, Legal Court Support and Social Court support to victims and their families as well as awareness training sessions.

The court process can take between 3-5 years and APLE is present throughout this time span.  From January to October 2016 APLE had provided social support to 134 victims, represented 70 victims in court and helped to convict 28 offenders.

You can read a full update report here: NDA Grant Update – Oct 2016