LOVEQTRA, China February 2016 – End of Term Update from 14 girls studying in Xining

End of Term update from the girls New Day supports at the Performing Arts School in Xining, Qinghai province – Dan Chavasse

We have just heard that all the girls had an excellent First Semester, with most passing their professional majors (ie. dance or painting). Sadly, three failed and they will now be given additional tuition to help with the re-takes. We have been sent all the girls’ reports and the grades are generally very high, even in the core academic subjects of Chinese, English and Maths. Inevitably there are some weaknesses but the school and the charity we support are focused on rectifying these. As ever, we must not forget the academic mountain these girls have had to climb to be awarded a place in this prestigious school and they now compete with peers from more comfortable, urban backgrounds. The goal is a nationally recognised high school qualification at the end of the school year in 2017: this will hopefully facilitate their passage into either further study or employment.

On a lighter note, the girls will be appearing on TV over Chinese New Year! With the full support of the Performing Arts School, their Tibetan Opera continues to gain notoriety around the country and they have been filmed for a performance that will air over the coming weeks. Here are the latest pictures:

image image-1