February 2015 Update – Our 14 sponsored SGVTS girls at the Xining Vocational Art School

In October 2014 New Day gave a grant to LOVEQTRA for HK$203,000 (RMB159,000) to support 14 SGVTS girls through a year of training at a vocational art and dance school in Xining. By way of background the Beijing Government is promoting and encouraging cultural preservation and history and millions of dollars are being invested throughout China to promote a cultural dance performance known as the King Gesar Opera.  Thanks to the efforts of DockPo who runs the SGVTS school, many of the girls have become talented dancers of King Gesar Opera and these 14 girls have been given an amazing opportunity to further their skills. Not only that, at completion of their 3 year scholarship program, these girls will start being trained to run and manage an office of the King Gesar Opera in a capital city.

The girls live and study at the school during the week and then return to their New Day sponsored apartment on the weekends for rest and further study.  All 14 girls are working hard to stay on top of their academic studies while devoting themselves to the rigorous dance training (and for some, art training).  We received this letter from one of the girls, Yeshetsomo, thanking New Day for our support and explaining her passion for dance and her need to also focus on her academic achievements.

Ganxiexin270 thank you letter

This is not an easy path for the girls but the hope is that they will be able to support themselves in the future and help promote SGVTS as a training ground for increasingly talented Chinese Opera dancers.

You can read more about the general progress at SGVTS in the LOVEQTRA 2014 Annual Report here:LOVE REPORT 2014

Other SGVTS news: We are grateful to New Day members Dan and Jane Chavasse for organising a donation of 13 computers (donated by PWC China with help from Michael Page China) and 75kg of winter clothes and other supplies for the girls in Xining and Darlag.