LOVEQTRA Girls’ Home Funded!

On the 23rd of August New Day co-funded a CNY118,518 grant along with the HK-based Silvercrest Foundation for the Sengchemdrukmo Girls Vocational Training School in Qinghai province, China.  The grant will be used by LOVEQTRA to install a heating system in the school and home as well as to purchase 2 industrial washer/dryer machines for the girls and staff.  This will be the first time that the girls will receive proper heating as they have had to rely on simple yak dung heaters in the past.  They will be able to improve their standards of hygiene and health by being able to wash their clothes and bed-clothes regularly whereas before they had to hand wash everything only a few times a year in the freezing stream.

SGVTS Building

This is the second grant that New Day has made to LOVEQTRA.  We wish them continued success with the wonderful work they are doing and we are happy to be a small part of it!  Thank you to the Silvercrest Foundation for partnering with us.

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