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Have a look at the members’ presentation on the Orphanage here: Matara presentation Oct 09

Project : Matara Girls Orphanage

Location : Galle, Sri Lanka

Project Leader : Liza Green


Funding status : Approved, pending final documentation


Corporate Funding Partner : None

Foundation Partner : None.  This project was sourced from a New Day member.

In Sri Lanka today institutional care is the fate of many children who have been abandoned by their parents. A UNICEF report says in most cases it is a family member who leaves the child at an orphanage or government agency. Sometimes this is the result of the breakdown of the family unit by such things as parental loss, separation or parental conflict. Poverty is also a root cause with the family feeling they cannot afford to adequately provide for the child, according to the UN agency.

The Matara Buddhist Girls Home located in the district of Matara, Sri Lanka is an orphanage for girls founded in 1961.  The orphanage is privately run and is not funded by the government.  The orphanage originally had the capacity to house 30 girls.  After an extension was built in 2008 the capacity increased to 50 girls but could comfortably take in 45 girls only.  The orphanage currently has 39 girls.  They will be welcoming a few more girls very shortly. The girls are between the ages of 5 and 18.  At the age of 18 the girls are expected to leave the home. Three matrons and a committee run the home.

The home not only provides shelter, food, clothing and loving care to the children but would also like to provide vocational skills and extra education to the children.  The children attend a local neighbourhood school.  The overall objective is to facilitate the children’s overall mental and physical development and offer new opportunities and hope to these children.

Funding requirements

Dining room extension

As the orphanage is now taking in more children there is now a need to extend the dining room.  Currently the girls are having their meals in three shifts.  With an extension in the dining room the girls could have their meals together.  This will also be convenient for the matrons.  The dining room could also be used for after school classes for the children.  Currently the committee is asking an architect to provide a proposal for the extension.

 Extra classes

 In order to improve the girls well being and future employment prospects, the committee would like to train the girls in computing, cookery, painting, sewing and embroidery, music and drama classes.  These extra classes were provided before out of the generous donations but these donations have now dried up.  Currently there is a teacher who provides all the children extra coaching for school work but the committee would like to engage a dedicated teacher for the children who will be sitting for their O’Level examinations this year.

 Education 1 Year             3 Years

O’ Level tutor □ $600

Computer Classes □ $150 □    $450

Painting Classes □ $200 □    $600

Cooking Classes □ $200 □    $600

Sewing & Embroidery Classes □ $200 □    $600

Music Classes □ $200 □    $600

Drama Workshop/Therapy* □ $? □    $?

 GRAND TOTAL □ $1350                         □      $4050

 * This workshop has been therapuetic for tsunami affected children

New Day has approved a grant of HKD39,000 for the Matara Orphanage in 2009.  Consultations will now take place between Liza and the orphanage to determine how best to prioritise the spending of the grant.  A final budget and breakdown of the grant, along with the rationale for each cost will be presented to the members and posted on the site before any money is disbursed.

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