Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity(CASC), Phnom Penh


Project : Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity (CASC)

Location : Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Project Leader : Kim Cheung


Funding status : Funded

Budget :
HK$51,500.00 (Requested US$6,600)

Corporate Funding Partner : None

Foundation Partner : Referred by Children’s Surgical Center (CSC) in Cambodia

Acid survivors and their children at the CASC Shelter in Phnom Penh

Acid survivors and their children at the CASC Shelter in Phnom Penh

Acid is inexpensive and widely available in Cambodia and its use is not regulated. Acid injuries can be either accidental or intentional, which are often incited by jealousy or rage. Acid can cause extensive damage to skin, tissue, and bone, especially if not treated. Such burns can result in permanent disfigurement and disabling injuries. Victims of these attacks need multiple surgeries, rehabilitation, counseling and reintegration assistance.

CASC ( was started in 2006 by its sister organisation, CSC or Children’s Surgical Center in Cambodia. CASC is the ONLY organisation in Cambodia dedicated exclusively to issues regarding acid burns and attacks. CASC provides holistic care to survivors – medical, psychological, reintegration, advocacy and prevention, and awareness raising. CSC started CASC in recognition of the specialist and long term care that acid survivors require.

CASC requires funds for its prevention campaigns, Education and Legal reform programmes. In efforts to stop acid violence and injuries, in 2009 they plan to:

· Educate on the safe use, storage, and transport of acid.

· Educate people on what to do if they are burned by acid.

· Act as a legal intermediary to ensure attackers are prosecuted

· Work with legislative bodies to restrict the distribution and sale of acid and incorporate acid attacks in the Criminal Law Act.

The Projected costs for prevention campaigns, education, and legal reform programmes for the whole year are US$ 6,600. New Day would like to commit to this project for 2009. In our efforts to have a long term impact, we will focus on the legal reform and prevention areas of CASC.
You can download the presentation on CASC to members here casc-pre-to-members-mar-09

The CASC Shelter

The CASC Shelter

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