New Day’s Mission

New Day is a non-profit organization, established as a donor circle, dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in crisis throughout Asia.  Our focus is on “engagement” where membership has the unique ability to select and implement grass roots projects and become more intimately involved in the lives of the individuals we are impacting.  Our methodology is intended to create a bridge between New Day members and the communities that we support, thus creating greater awareness of the issues impacting women in crisis in Asia.  You can learn more about how New Day works by watching this video:

How We Operate

New Day is funded by on-going monthly contributions from our members (minimum contributions HK$500 per month) and individual one-off donations.  We also work with corporate donors who provide funding to specific projects with which New Day is involved.  New Day is established as a “donor circle” giving membership the ability to locate, present and manage the projects New Day funds.  The running of New Day is entirely on a volunteer basis.  Since inception, we are proud to say that New Day has invested 98% of the funds raised directly on the projects we invest in.  Site visits and administration are paid for directly by the members themselves so that the maximum amount of funds go to the projects.  We also work with partner foundations, established charities and organizations, such as the ADM Capital Foundation to locate and implement projects. The focus of our work is on:

  1. Rescue and shelter of women and girls in crisis or at risk; and
  2. Economic empowerment through education and sustainable life skills.

Street girls at Kalki Drop-In Centre, Pondicherry.


How Members Get involved

We are about participation and learning, as well as giving – both financially and with time and skills. The New Day model gives our members a unique opportunity to be intimately involved by :

  1. donating money
  2. engaging directly in the selection process of projects to be funded
  3. sourcing and proposing a project to be funded
  4. leading a project to be funded
  5. visiting and providing feedback on projects funded
  6. donating time and skills.

Come join us and see how individuals can make a difference!

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